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Fun-d Raiser special!

Do you have a special cause, group, or event that you're looking for a unique t-shirt for?
we have the idea for you.
You know everybody likes to support your cause, right? 
How many more people would support your cause, if they could get a T-shirt with THEIR name on it?
Custom designed shirts, even available with the entire list of people who contributed.
Here's how it works.
You announce to people your intention,
you gather up a list of people who want the shirt
(if assistance needed, I can help set up a website to take orders)
Set a time frame/certain number of orders
when the time frame passes/number of shirts reached we print them!
(we can either ship all to you, or individually to each person)
Benefits of this type of fund raiser:
-Little or no up-front cost
-Customized product for your special cause
-individual satisfaction, and recognition to your supporters
-unique fund raising opportunity
-if we help with the webpage and shipping, no accounting or purchase tracking  required
-other than publicizing, and gathering money, virtually no work required!
-hundreds of names can fit on one shirt.
- Banners, posters, etc, available at very reasonable prices to help promote.
average funds raised:
150 names x $19.95 per shirt = $2992.50
150 shirts @ $6 per shirt = $900
Gross money raised! = $2002.50 
Don't hesitate to call us, and discuss details or options.
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